Director – A. Salaeva
 The artist-producer – A. Syrbaeva
 Assistant Director – A.Sadykova
 Assistant Director – A. Kanaeva


Peace, happiness, well-being not only in the family, but also in the forest, where different animals live.
Little, naughty fox and bear cub are friends with a small, well-bred Hare. But their parents, the red Fox, strict mother Hare, and Papa Bear do not like this friendship.
Good-natured old Borovik, trying to restore peace in the forest. But the perennial enmity between Fox, Hare and the Bears does not fade.
Little naughty little fox gets into trouble. His friends, Bunny and Teddy bear, risking their lives, save the Little Fox. Only then adult characters understand the true price of sincere friendship! Peace in the forest restored!

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