«Bright light»
(Literary composition dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev)
Author: K. Ezhembek

Production directors: Honored Artist of Kazakhstan K. Eshmuratova, Aizhan Salayeva

Production designer: E. Suleimenov

Choreographer: Yu. Amirova

The genius of perfect thought, Abay Kunanbayev’s deep, philosophical ides, eternal heritage, immortal poems of the great poet is the key to humanity, the lock of ignorance. Abay is a ray of light in the darkness! His light is a song that touches the heart, a pleasant to the mood. Because the mysterious world of the genius consists of science and knowledge.

Abai’s significant events, interesting moments and his translated examples from his childhood to adulthood, will be performed and presented to the audience by puppets in a play staged by the Puppet Theater of Nur-Sultan city’s akimat. As well as, Abai’s poems and songs will be recited during the literary composition.

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